Writing is Honesty in Training

So what do we write about?

Ever dared to peek into a closet that hasn't been touched for oh-so-long, one into which we have just been eagerly tossing stuff for ages? That place where we  just know that even touching that door will cause a momentous explosive disaster as all sorts of life's remainders come tumbling out on top of us, overwhelming our world!

This is akin to looking into the deep, dark recesses of your thoughts, afraid of what you might find there. Introspection can be painful  and yet it can bring us a great sense of freedom as we face those demons we have been repressing for so long.

Yes, we all have many things in our ‘closets'… And please,make no mistake, this is not to say all in that closet need be of the skeletal variety. Most is just stuff we meant to get to later but never found the inclination or time to do so.

On the other hand, there are turns as we move down life's road, turns that we should not have taken but did, Opportunities  that we should have taken and did not, maybe due to our fear, however rational or irrational that fear, of the unknown.

There was this girl in high school, named Janice.. My last memory  is of Janice looking out the window at me, as the school bus drove away. It was my last day at that school so we never saw each other again.

And it is regretted to this day, for what might have been. She might have been The One and between us we might have conquered the word. After all these years I can not tell you what the fear was but this was a road never traveled.

So what should you write about? How about wording (no I didn't just invent a word) about what in life makes you angry/happy, or politics or sex or family or money or romance or just plain wonderment.  In other words, about life in this wonderful, beautiful but no less chaotic world of ours.

We aren't talking about penning the Great American Novel here – not just yet  anyway. Just start somewhere but START! A reminder here that your voice is, and always will be, unique because – You Are Unique.

Think of the wardrobe in the Narnia series of young adult films. Young adult be darned – as an old adult I enjoy them! What did they find upon opening the doors to their wardrobe? What magical thing might you find when you open your door.

So why not think of writing as a series of adventures – as we open our cluttered closet or mind – facing us and behold the wonders inside. Who knows what treasure, or trash, we may find there?

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