What’s A Christmas Card?

In this, the electronic age, we often just email greetings, in lieu of written communications, to family, friends, and acquaintances. It may be someone's birthday, a wedding or new house announcement.

But these electronic messages never completely replace cards, especially during holiday times – think ‘Hallmark Moments'.

Here is a little information on Christmas cards for your perusal – Enjoy!


The real meaning of the Christmas card

Giving and receiving Christmas cards is a tradition that is still followed today. Sending cards is just as much a part of Christmas as buying gifts and cooking the turkey. The only differences today are the way cards sent and received.

Technology has made a significant impact on the delivery of all mail, especially cards and letters. Now instead of spending money on postage and each individual card, you can send cards by email and have them delivered instantly to anywhere in the world.

The first Christmas cards were delivered in London, England in 1843. These first cards stayed away from winter and religious themes. Instead, they depicted fanciful figures and images. It was not until 1875 that the first Christmas card appeared in the United States.

As Christmas cards became more popular, many business and organizations saw a way to profit from them. Charitable organizations would create their own specially themed cards and sell them, raising money at the same time. During the time of the World Wars, cards were produced with patriotic themes. In the 1950s humor and cartoon figures became popular. Even the British Royal Family and the U.S. President deliver their own Christmas cards each year.

All households had a Christmas card list, mailing to many family members and close friends. These cards often became letters, relating the news of the year to each other. At one time it was essential to be on someones Christmas card list. If you found yourself taken off the list, this meant that you were no longer in the good books of the mailer.

With the advent of computers mailing Christmas cards via the postal service has declined. Even so, there are almost 2 billion cards sent each Christmas. It is one Christmas tradition which won't go away too quickly.

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