About Bob…

“Today’s Internet makes an immense and ever-changing wealth of knowledge constantly available to all.” – Bob Marconi

Hi! I’m Bob. And I’m what you would call a “Lifetime Student,” simply because learning is ongoing throughout life! I am not exactly a “guru” (and honestly, I would like to see that word fall into disuse) but I would like to think that I am a “Permanent Apprentice” in this journey we call life. With this, I would like for us to learn together.

The Beginnings
I have been around Northern California, in Silicon Valley, since 1957 when my parents migrated from a small town in the Keystone State. I’ve worn many hats in my career, including paper routes, working in local orchards and greenhouses during high school years, and being a truck driver. I also worked with a number of Silicon Valley enterprises, which includes Fairchild, Ampex, DEC, and Xerox.

Prior to my retirement, I spent my last 14 years at the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) where I worked as a Facility Project Manager. My time at UCSC was a fruitful and rewarding one because I loved working with the large variety of folks—both students and the general populace.

Love for Writing
I don’t profess to be a writer in the classic sense, but I have enjoyed publishing an article or two once in a while. I have written for Ezine Articles, though not as often as I would like (http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Bob_Marconi). Writing has done wonders for me and I hope life allows me to continue doing so. It’s great fun to know you put a couple of words to paper and the world sees it. It is my hope that through this blog, you will be encouraged to write even if only for yourselves—maybe a journal. I’d like to encourage parents to let their children write too, because it will stand them in good stead in their later years.

Community Service
I have been a community service volunteer with a search and rescue group—San Jose Search and Rescue (http://www.sjsar.org) —since the late 60s. Nothing is more fulfilling than doing community service and investing in your community and the people who live in it. Why not consider being a volunteer in your community? See for yourself how extremely rewarding it is. It has certainly given me a purpose and this is one reason why I do what I do, and why this website was born.

Being retired now and having this blog provides me the opportunity to give whatever I can to whoever asks. More than ever, with the advancement of technology and with the world becoming an “Internet” society, learning should be nonstop and knowledge should be shared to all. I hope spreading my knowledge and experience to you in this website will empower you and give you that constant thirst for life. Let us learn and walk through this together.