Writing – Where/How Do I Begin?

Ever wanted to write but did not know where to begin? Like you, there are millions of people that want to express their ideas, thoughts, and perceptions on paper or computer. Whether you want to write professionally or for personal reasons, writing is a great way to express your innermost thoughts and perceptions. It is also the perfect portal to establish a lucrative side income or career. This is especially true for stay at home moms and college students that need a little extra income to effectively make ends meet. If you want to get paid for writing articles, blog posts, press releases, and other topics, the Internet features countless SEO, marketing, and CMS sites that are always hiring.

No matter your skill level, you should never be discouraged to write. Writing not only exercises the brain but it also helps to enhance your creativity and ingenuity. Remember, most world renowned authors started by simply doodling or jotting down ideas on paper. These mind maps would later lead to award-winning essays, novels, books, and other publications. According to industry experts the best way to tap into writing is by starting off small. This means maintaining a daily journal, recipe book, scrapbook or even a personal diary. Remember, the more your write, the more interested you will become in this great outlet and medium.

The Internet is also a great place to search for writing tips. From professional templates to different styles, the web offers a great way to tap  into the current writing trends and genres. For example: today’s writing is more centralized and streamlined. In fact the less is more approach is being implemented and incorporated across the board. This means more direct articles, blog posts and online literary works that get to the point. You no longer need countless words to effectively get your message across to your readers. Shorter paragraphs also help you engage and entice readers. In fact, shorter paragraphs secure readability and are easy to scan for readers that are pressed for time.

While the professional writing industry continues to soar at alarming rates, personal enrichment courses are just as popular. Whether you love free, creative, or open-minded writing there will be groups and clubs in your area that may share these same interests. It would be nice to connect with people that love to write, and explore new opportunities via their writing as well.

We would love to see you join with the many writing enthusiasts and professionals from all over the world, including those you find in your area. This could include esteemed authors, along with those simply interested in expressing their views on paper or computer. By browsing you local writing club's member lists, as well as connecting with your local community college instructors you can speak to professional writers for more advice, tips, guidance, and suggestions on how to enter this competitive and challenging industry.

If you want to create your own online writing business, there are viable options and tips available. This includes creative writing software, which features multiple templates and styles to help you get started. No matter what your reasons are, writing is a productive and positive outlet. In fact, many people write just to alleviate the daily tension and stress that they face. Writing offers you the perfect platform to achieve your goals and aspirations.

We encourage you to write! We want to see your literary works!

Enjoy and Do Write

Do You Really Matter?

“More people are watching your life and…are gaining strength in their own lives and in their own challenges because of what you are going through. I promise you: your life matters, your life is significant, and things are happening that you don’t even fully understand yourself”. The Art Of Work… by Jeff Goins


It's a good book and yes I bought it!

Life Begins And Then It Ends

At the age of 72 I begin to think about something we often do not want to consider. How I will meet death and what, if anything, comes after. Life begins and then it ends. You start out with someone wiping your ass and you often end with someone doing the same for you.

In between what have we accomplished? Did we help or hinder others? Did we do good, not so good or evil? The real question will be: is mankind better off for our being here?

At the time I write this, my brother is lying in a hospital with lung problems. And I have such a feeling of dread right now. It just keeps popping up, I can't seem to shake it. (update: he is home and doing better)

Having been raised a Catholic and with a nun – who also happens to be my godmother – and a priest in the family, of course we were taught there is a reward coming to us in the hereafter; my brother and I were even alter boys during our growing up years. But when I became an adult I admit to feeling a great deal of skepticism regarding the existence of a hereafter.

Religion itself is nothing more than a means to control those who would be controlled. Always has been and always will be. Over the ages, so many conflicts have been fought over, and so many innocents have died in the name of, religious ideals. I cannot believe any true god would condone this. Mankind is the only species with the power to exterminate and fails to realize the fact he can do this to himself as well.

Faith though is something different. I look up at the night sky and have faith that there is a power greater than I and faith that there is a good reason why things happen the way they do. If that faith is not there then why do I even exist?

We are made up of the same elements contained in the universe at large so in passing does our life force just leave us and return to the universe? And what does that mean to the universe? To us? What happens to our consciousness – who we really are? Where does that life force go?

And one also wonders if there is a ‘Supreme Being' that we all tend to look for to give us the answers. Why is my brother in the hospital – he doesn't deserve this – he is a better person than I ever was? Why aren't my prayers for him being answered? Why aren't our prayers for a better world not answered? Given all the adversity going on in today's world one wonders just where is god, if indeed one does exist.

I've never subscribed to the idea that; ‘pain must be experienced before you can know pleasure'. Bull Crap!

In between our arrival and departure what have we accomplished? Did we help or hinder others? Did we do good, not so good or evil? The real question will always be: is mankind better off for our being here?

At some time you and I will have to answer these questions. How will you
do on this test? I wonder how our politicians will do?