What to write?

Inspiration is every where. It's all around you. In your daily life. In the news of the day.

Today I saw a news item about Legos. Why did that give me an idea? A long time ago, in a place far, far away – wait that's another story…

Okay, back to Legos. Why this story caught my eye is because it is travel related. Specifically to the coast of England – the Cornwall/Devon area.

Some time ago I acquired this travel related domain: http://www.traveltocornwalldevon.com/ Over time I've done little with it but want to start reviving it a bit.

The Lego story was about the Cornwall/Devon area and I did a quick little blurb and put it on the site.

So you see, inspiration can come at any time and from anywhere. Just keep that in mind and be open to it. You don't have to write a ten page term paper – start simple.

Write Something

People often ask me; “bur what do I write about?”. The answer is not complicated: write about life’s happenings. Your life’s stories..

While I certainly am not a writer in the classic sense, I do pen an article or two once-in-a-while. Here is an example I did sometime back, when I had my stroke – one of my life stories: http://ezinearticles.com/?Strokes-Are-An-Emergency&id=8618364

The other comment is often, “but I’m not a writer”. Well, I say “Actually You Are” – you just need to adjust how you think about writing

This article may be of help: http://ezinearticles.com/?Writing-Is-For-Everyone&id=7239249

I hope you see your way to begin putting your stories down.

Whether you chose to share them with others is not up to me. But remember, at some point you and I will be gone and what you write can help others in your world, or the world at large, understand why you lived life in the manner you did.

I hope you live(d) it well, with consideration, concern and love for others…

reprinted by permission